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Clive Mardner

Clive Mardner works as a Consultant to TMP.  He provides Client Services as well as Business Development services.

Other Information

Clive is a local councillor in the Royal Borough of Greenwich see here.

Clive Mardner comes with a plethora of skills and experience.  He is a former lay member of HM Courts and Tribunals Service sitting on employment tribunals.  He has qualifications in Law and HR.  Clive is an expert mediator and negotiator.  He is fearless in his pursuit for even handed justice.  He has dedicated his career to improving the life of the “underdog”.

Jacqueline McGuigan met Clive in 2002 when she represented a company that he was involved in as a voluntary worker.  Since then Jacqueline and Clive have worked on a great many projects together including delivering investigations training for the Prison Service and conducting disciplinary investigations for a large public body. Clive advises on employment matters.


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