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We are experts at handling complex disputes for our clients.

We have a proven track record of delivering the right solution through proactive claims avoidance, litigation, mediation, and conciliation.

We are proactive in the management of disputes, and use effective, proportionate and appropriate forms of dispute resolution to avoid expensive legal costs or court actions. This includes adopting appropriate dispute resolution processes including mediation. Our first port of call is to always try and settle a dispute. We recognise that Court action may sometimes be required and should this be necessary then we have experienced litigators on hand.

We have up to date knowledge of tribunal procedure and follow the rules of procedure in the Employment Tribunal here. This guidance sets out good practice for dealing with tribunal claims.

We also have up to date knowledge of court procedure and follow the Civil Procedure Rules here.


We provide independent and impartial investigations into workplace disputes involving discipline or grievance.  We provide advice and support on best practice and this will help to minimise costly tribunal claims, save management time.

We can assist and support your managers in doing their own internal investigations or we can conduct investigations on your behalf where your internal resources are stretched and time is of the essence or the issues involve are complex and sensitive such as bullying and harassment, discrimination.

We can train your managers on how to conduct investigations which will stand up to the close scrutiny of an employment tribunal.

We have specialist expertise on advising public authorities on how to comply with the statutory duty to eliminate unlawful discrimination.   We can assist in the implementation or monitoring of impact assessments.

Meet The TMP Team

Meet the team dedicated to helping you in your case. From researchers to lawyers, our skillset is at the core of our continued growth and success.

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