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  • Ella Lawrence

Cabin Crew Suing British Airways for Unfair Dismissal

24 May 2024

A two-day hearing has been scheduled for 23 and 24 July 2024 before the President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The Secretary of State for Business has intervened. This is the first case testing whether indirect associative discrimination claims are covered by the Equality Act.


12 July 2023

British Airways appealed the Employment Appeal Tribunal's decision not to strike out the claim for indirect associative discrimination, and the Employment Appeal Tribunal granted permission to appeal.


14 December 2022

British Airways attempted to strike out parts of the claim, but the Employment Tribunal refused to strike out the claim for indirect associative discrimination brought by multiple claimants.


October 2022

TMP represents four claimants in a claim brought by 51 claimants alleging that they were unfairly dismissed and discriminated against in 2020 when British Airways made mass redundancies due to COVID-19 grounding their fleet. The Employment Tribunal is due to hear the claim over 25 days starting in February 2025.


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