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TMP was formed in February 2006. Jacqueline McGuigan is the firm’s Principal and Co-founder. Jacqueline previously worked as a partner in a London law firm. 


Jacqueline’s vision was simple – set up a law firm that provides first class legal assistance with no barriers to access justice. Jacqueline has worked in law firms since 1989 so she wanted to combine all the best bits of running a legal practice without the overheads and cost wastage. Outsourcing management/administrative functions is key to keeping costs down which can be passed on to the clients.  TMP’s rates are affordable without compromising on quality and in some cases savings of several thousand pounds can be achieved when compared to other big city law firms


TMP has quickly built up a reputation for providing high quality service to clients and for going that extra mile.  TMP has been at the forefront of gig economy cases successfully acting for Gary Smith in his case against Pimlico Plumbers which went all the way to the Supreme Court. TMP acts in strategic cases, which are those cases of general public interest which either change the law or clarify it for the benefit of hundreds, or thousands, or millions, of people in the UK. 


TMP frequently engages in "David and Goliath" battles and leaves no stone unturned when representing clients. Often dealing with difficult cases with difficult issues in the belief that everybody has the right to good legal representation at an affordable price.


Jacqueline's experienced team consists of consultants and independent barristers who are all qualified experts in their own field.  Our people all share a passion for the rule of law and pursue this with great tenacity.

TMP has the depth and breadth that it takes to provide an excellent service and achieve satisfactory outcomes. TMP is known for being tenacious and will always put our clients’ needs first.


Given the sensitivities involved in litigation many disputes are resolved before they become public knowledge. With our experience, we look to give you a realistic assessment, not only on the legal merits of claims, but of the wider issues involved.  You can then take informed decisions as to whether, and then how, to pursue litigation.   


At all times we act in your best interests.

Meet The TMP Team

Meet the team dedicated to helping you in your case. From researchers to lawyers, our skillset is at the core of our continued growth and success.

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